Sonic Advance
Sonic Advance is the first Sonic game for the Gameboy Advance and it is a great game to play. All the sonicy goodness but packed into a smaller console.

You will probably never in one million years be able to guess what the plot of Sonic Advance is. I will give you three options and you have to choose one. Ready to play? Okay, option #1: Dr Robotnik builds a giant Godzilla like robot and sends it onto the Southern Islands and Sonic must stop it. Option #2: Robotnik decides to just stay home at watch football on TV and nothing actually happens. Option #3: Robotnik captures animals, turns them into robots, and then tries to get those Chaos Emeralds AGAIN.

If you guessed option #3, you are correct!! Tell them what they won Johnny!

Okay so all joking aside on the rehashed plots, Sonic Advance is actually a great game. We got Sonic (no joking), Tails, Amy, and Knuckles in this one. You might be only playing a sidescrolling platformer but in this one we get to visit outer space again and even go to the moon (what you have never been?).

Sonic Advance was the first Sonic game to introduce a timer. You got just 10 minutes to reach the end of each act of each zone. That is probably not a problem for some gamers but if you are like 5 years old, good luck!